convex ZT GmbH is an owner-operated, interdisciplinary design office in the field of construction. Our team consists of civil engineers, architects, mechanical and electrical engineers at our locations in Graz/Austria, Istanbul/Turkey, Cluj-Napoca/Romania and Plovdiv/Bulgaria. For 40 years, we have been developing economical and sustainable solutions for construction projects in the fields of industrial construction, paper mills, thermal, biomass, hydroelectric and wind power plants, hospitals, culture and education, housing and offices, bridge construction, noise protection and renovation of historical buildings.

    We manage your construction project from its beginning to its end: we prepare feasibility studies, basic designs, cost estimates, building and commercial permit documentations, tender designs, bid comparisons and award recommendations, execution and workshop designs, we coordinate design works, supervise construction works and prepare acceptance certificates. Members of our team teach at the University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum and work with accredited certification companies. We initiate research projects and carry them out together with technical universities, universities of applied sciences and private research institutes.

    We take care of your construction project from its beginning to its end: we create feasibility studies, basic designs, cost estimates, permit and tender designs as well as detail and workshop designs, we manage the project and supervise the construction site. With our new way of work, we offer our employees a contemporary working environment even in a full home office. With our daily online coffee breaks and our workplace health promotion tailored to the home office, we create a pleasant and inspiring working environment.

    We are a completely paperless and fully digital design office. We design everything in 3D and visualise our designs not only on screen, but also in VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality). With our AR glasses, we bring the foreseen design into the field of vision of all project participants on site, thus accelerating decision-making processes. With our 3D printer, we print out the designed project to scale, making it tangible for everyone. We fly over our construction sites with our drone and create 2D and 3D photo plans, which help us to compare what has been built with what has been designed. We follow digital developments and, as early adopters, challenge ourselves using the latest technologies available on the market.

    OUR APP my CVX

    Design is done in 3D in the office, construction is done on the building site according to 2D drawings on paper. This type of knowledge transfer results in serious loss of information. We want to actively counteract this loss of information and develop the app myCVX for mobile phones together with the team of clone:it.



    Our annual company outing will take us to Ljubljana and Piran in Slovenia in October 2023. In Ljubljana we will enjoy an architectural tour of the city and a visit to the mighty castle. In Piran we will climb the Campanile of St. George's Church, and admire the city from a boat trip. In between, there will be plenty to eat and drink. We are looking forward to it!



    Green hydrogen is the gaseous energy carrier of the future. It can be produced from water by the electrolysis process with green electricity, stored and burned emission-free in the fuel cell. The experts of our SpinOff movingpower GmbH will advise you in the design and realization of your project.



    We meet in our online meeting rooms. We take coffee breaks online. We go virtual in our office. We create digital twins of our construction projects. We use 3D printing, VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) when designing and supervising. Our ISO 9001:2015 QM system is called FRAG' CONVEXA and is online.