Equality of home and office as a workplace
With the equality of home and office as a workplace, we are living the new way of work. We ensure that our employees are equally equipped for their workplace in the office and at home. Our IT infrastructure and digital communication tools enable them to work anywhere with an Internet connection. Our on-line coffee break unites the whole team at home and abroad once a day.
Our office as an analogue place of encounter with a company kindergarten, garden with table tennis, spacious kitchen, library room with daybed and office-art is a comfortable place to stay. Our homes with well-equipped workplaces and full connection via internet to the office are beautiful places to work.

Work digitally
convex ZT GmbH is a paperless and digital design office. Our design work is exclusively digital: we have completely switched to digital documents and do not use any form of paper. We save and send all documents that we create in our design office in digital form. We use tablet PCs in our daily work. We have also switched to a legally valid, digital signature and can therefore do without the handwritten signature even if legal certainty is required. Our archive is also exclusively digital, and our filing is strictly organized – the last 15 years of our work have been digitally archived with the same structure.
All employees of convex ZT GmbH can do their paperless and digital work either in the office or at home or from anywhere in the world – the only requirement for this is a PC with an Internet connection.

Communicate digitally
We communicate digitally. We make calls directly from a PC or laptop, our telephone system is in the cloud, the desk phones are history. Web interface or smartphone, all employees have an extension and can make seamless business calls in the office or at home.
We use digital collaboration tools, internally in a team and externally with our customers. Online collaboration takes place with virtual meetings and shared screens. We meet with clients, project participants and design partners in our online chatrooms. When working over distance, the spatial distance disappears when digitally chatting and sharing.

Organize digitally
Our team organizes itself online. As a platform for internal communication, we use MS Teams across all locations. The team communicates via push messages, makes video phone calls, shares screens during meetings and is always up-to-date via news feed. On our ToolBox, the team can find out at any time which software is currently being used at convex and where information can be obtained for work.

Due to the corona virus pandemic the whole team was in home office since 13.3.2020. On 11.5.2020 we switched to partially home office. From 18.5.2020 we introduced the “new way of work”. Home and office are now equal as a workplace. Our availability from now on is on-line and in our office.