Civil and structural design is a complex and difficult process, and during it’s execution repeatedly special tasks and questions arise that need to be resolved. convex ZT GmbH has experience and special expertise in the following areas:

Structural dynamics
We prepare the structural and dynamical analysis of machinery foundations (block foundations oder tabletop foundations), and design the required elastic supports (spring elements oder areal supports).
We prepare calculative vibration- and structure-borne noise forecasts due to rail- and road traffic, and design the required building isolation (areal support).

Earthquake resistant design
We have project specific experience in the most seismic countries of the world (a.o. Chile, Turkey, southeast european countries), and carry out soil- and structural seismic analyses. The seismic calculations are done by modal response analysis or by time-history analysis. We design the structures based on different seismic design spectra related to different requirements (as described in Structural Performance Objectives in Seismic Design) and analyse the load bearing structure in elastic and in plastic range (Push-Over Analysis). If requested, we design the seismic base isolation measures.

Noise protection
We design noise protection walls alongside of roads, highways and train tracks. We develop noise protection wall systems for high-speed railway lines.
We do noise measurements, and prepare expert opinions on noise pollution due to industrial facilities or power plants.

Bridge design
We check the condition of reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete bridges by site surveys and structural analysis. We design the required repair measures and prepare the respective work tenders.