In the basic design, a graphic illustration of the project is developed step by step, considering functional, creative, technical, building physical, economical, energetical and ecological requirements, using the contributions of all specialist designers.

convex ZT GmbH prepares basic designs for all kinds of construction and industrial projects. The basic design includes the graphic presentation of the overall project, renderings, the preliminary structural analysis and the principal design of the industrial process and of the domestic services, incl. installations and small power & lighting. Within the basic design, project alternatives are examined and evaluated with respect to cost and schedule. Based on a preliminary bill of quantities, cost estimates are calculated based on country-specific unit prices. Subsequently, the permit design is prepared and necessary negotiations with the authorities are carried out. On basis of the permit design, the civil works tenders are drawn up, contractors are invited to bid, and the bid evaluation including the clarification meetings with the bidders is done.

Reference projects
Hydroelectric Power Plants Mestiachala 1 & 2, Georgia
District Heating Plant Graz, Austria