In order to assess the feasibility of a construction project, technical, economical, legal, operational and scheduling aspects need to be investigated. Experience and good judgment are the key for a successful feasibility assessment. The feasibility study is the structured documentation of to what extent, to what cost and in which time the considered project can be realised.

convex ZT GmbH prepares feasibility studies for industrial projects, in particular for power plant projects (thermal power plants, hydro power plants and wind power plants). Based on our experience and our project data base comprising of more than 60 realized power plant projects in more than 25 countries, we are able to judge the principal feasibility within short time. For existing and operational industrial facilities, in particular paper mills and deep-freeze facilities, convex ZT GmbH prepares feasibility studies for remedial and extension works.

convex ZT GmbH does site assessment with respect to construction works based on geotechnical investigation, seismic risk analysis and flooding risk analysis (from sea and/or from rivers).

Reference projects
Revitalisation of 15 county hospitals, Romania
Paper Mill Raubling, Germany