The detail (execution) design includes all documents and drawings, that are required for the construction or the adaptation/renovation of a building.

convex ZT GmbH prepares as general designer all kinds of structural and detail design. In the course of the detail design, all required architectural design (architectural detailing, energy certificate, fire protection and escape routes design, noise protection design), all required structural design (guide and detail structural and dynamical analysis) and all required domestic services design is carried out. Our project specific experience in highly seismic countries like Chile, Turkey, Greece and the southern European countries enables us to design earthquake resistant structures.

First, the foundation type is determined based on the Geotechnical Investigation. In the following, architectural drawings, detail catalogues, formwork and reinforcement drawings (for reinforced concrete structures) and guide and workshop drawings (for steel or timber structures) are prepared. In close co-operation between our architects and structural designers, the domestic services design (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, installations and small power and lighting) is designed.

Based on our worldwide project experience, we are able to prepare detail designs that are in accordance with the country specific codes and regulations, practices and execution types. In particular, we have experience in static calculations according to the American codes UBC and IBC, concrete and steel codes (ACI, AINSI/AISC, AWS) and the American seismic standard provisions (ASCE/SEI, FEMA). Our detail design is prepared fully in 3D in line with the requirements of BIM (Building Information Modeling).

Our young, multinational and cosmopolitan team speaks some ten languages. We prepare our detail design bi-lingual (in each local language and in English), and have local partner design offices, that may, if required, authorise our design documentation.

Reference projects
Combined Cycle Power Plants Alon Tavor and Ramat Gavriel, Israel
Combined Cycle Power Plant Delimara, Malta
Flue Gas Desulphurisation Plant Guacolda, Chile