Construction management by convex ZT GmbH supports the client and his project manager continuously in technical, scheduling and economical issues during all project phases. Control and supervision functions are provided during both the project development phase as well as the design, construction and comissioning phase.

convex ZT GmbH coordinates the design and construction of complex industrial projects, often with convex staff dispatched to the designer’s office and to the construction site. The design coordination starts with the preparation of the construction permit design and ends with the obtaining of the provisional acceptance after commissioning. All design agendas are coordinated between the authorities, the client and the involved contractors. Design coordination is carried out with standardised tools (list of required plans “LeP” and list of open points “LoP”).

convex ZT GmbH conducts negotiations with the contractors on the behalf of the client and prepares the construction contracts. Employees of convex ZT GmbH have experience in preparing construction contracts according to ÖNORM B2110 / B2118 in Austria, according to VOB in Germany as well as according to the Rainbow Suite by FIDIC (Red Book, Yellow Book and Silver Book).

convex ZT GmbH provides construction management services by experienced staff on site on behalf of the owner or of the general contractor for complex industrial construction and power plant projects.

Reference Projects
Combined Cycle Power Plant Gorzow, Poland
Combined Cycle Power Plant Bandırma I, Turkey