In the course of the extension of the Highway A2, the construction of an additional bridge, southeast of an existing bridge, become necessary. The new bridge, called P25V runs on the hillside, almost parallel to the existing bridge.

Basically, the bridge P25V was designed to suit to the existing bridge; but the number of columns were reduced from three to two, due to the decreased width. The entire supported width is now 39.9 m. This created an enhanced total appearance with an improved visibility of the underlying elements. Similar to the existing bridge, a three-span continuous slab construction was chosen. The construction height was set at 70 cm. The cantilever of the slab is 2.4 m on both sides.

Amt der Steiermärkischen Landesregierung,
Fachabteilung 18A
convex ZT GmbH
three fields with 11,8 m / 16,3 m / 11,8 m
track width:
12 m
construction costs:
€ 1,8 mill.
planning period:
October 2003 - December 2003

convex ZT GmbH