In 2009, along the S36 Murtal highway in the municipality of St. Stefan ob Leoben noise barriers with a total length of about 2.250 m and an effective heigth of 2 – 5 m were built. On behalf of ASFINAG Bau Management GmbH, the entire technical and creative planning, tendering and offer evaluation was performed by convex ZT GmbH.

The noise barriers are located on either side of the highway and consist mainly of highly absorbent wood-concrete elements. At bridges, aluminum panels and transparent acrylic elements were used. The foundation of the posts in the field was done by piles with a spacing of 6.0 m, on the bridges, posts were anchored to the existing edge beams. By using pre-and recessed wood concrete blocks in different shades of gray that lie behind the wall buildings were projected on the front of the wall, so that the villagers can find their homes on the wall.

ASFINAG Bau Management GmbH
Protected area:
S36 Murtal Schnellstraße, Gemeinde St. Stefan ob Leoben, at Kaisersberg area
2.250 m / 2 - 5 m
Art design:
convex ZT GmbH (A. Wagner)

T. Szyszkowitz