The combined cycle power plant Csepel II generates 380 MW of electricity with two GE gas turbines, two AE&E boilers and one GE steam turbine. The power plant is located in the Danube island Csepel, south of Budapest and covers 6% of the country´s total energy requirements. In addition to selling heat to Hungarian industrial operations, the power plant supplies district heating to more than 19.500 apartments in south Budapest. The power plant is currently operated by the atel-Group from Switzerland.

Partners of convex ZT GmbH (W. Nesitka and T. Uzunoglu) were responsible for the civil design as project manager resp. structural engineer on behalf of ASTengineers. The main buildings of the power plant, the 120 m long machine hall, the 39 m high enclosed boilers and the supporting structures for the two 65 m high chimneys were carried out in structural steelwork.

The core part of the power plant is the machine hall, housing the two gas turbines and the steam turbine. The machine hall is equipped with three overhead travelling cranes with a capacity of 50 to each for maintenance purposes. The supporting structure consists of two-pin portal frames, braced in wall- and roof level in order to resist the lateral forces from wind, crane operation and piping.

POWERGEN, United Kingdom
General contractor:
VA TECH Hydro, Austria
Capacity (electrical):
380 MW
Capacity (heat):
125 MW
Overall costs:
€ 220 mill.

T. Uzunoglu