VERBUND Thermal Power (VTP) is building a gas boiler plant to generate district heating in Mellach / Werndorf. The facility is used to secure the district heating in the southern grid area of the city of Graz. The plant with three boilers will have a fuel heat output of 97.5 MWth at full load. The thermal efficiency of the state of the art plant will be within the range of 95% over the entire load range. Thus, the plant will have a thermal useful power of at least 92.6 MWth.

On behalf of the VTP, convex ZT GmbH prepared the technical Permit documentation, including all technical data required for the preparation of the environmental assessments. The work involved the preparation of the equipment disposition, component arrangement, schematics, data and individual component descriptions in close collaboration with the team of the VTP. Subsequently, the required structure was designed, and the building and operation permit design was worked out, and the building tender was drawn up. During the project erection, convex ZT GmbH is supporting the Owner as check designer and qualified support engineer.

VERBUND Thermal Power

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