The design of buildings takes place in the office, their implementation on the construction site. The task is to communicate the design, which is usually done in 3D, to the construction site: nowadays this is still done with paper drawings, in 2D. This means that there is a loss of information in the transfer of information from the office to the construction site. This loss of information must be avoided: for this purpose, we are developing a construction site app for mobile phones. The development is taking place in our start-up “clone_it”.

clone_it is the ultimate construction site app. As a BIM-based 3D project management tool, easily accessed on a cell phone or tablet, it serves both construction management and site supervision. It enables instant comparison of what was planned with what was built. Artificial intelligence building blocks assist in the detection of errors, and help with suggestions on how to fix them. The tagging of new information in the model or in the image, immediately visible to all users, creates an intuitively readable and up-to-date construction site documentation.


VrVis, HoloLight, SE3 Labs

2022 - ongoing