A building erected in 1910 in the inner-city district of St. Leonhard in Graz was comprehensively renovated. The three-storey building consists of a main building at Leonhardstraße 71 and an outbuilding in the courtyard. The renovated buildings have 30 residential units with a usable area of between 40 and 90 m², the total usable living area is approx. 1,800 m². Some of the apartments were equipped with new balconies.

On behalf of the general designer, convex ZT GmbH carried out the structural design. The entire basement was statically reinforced with a reinforced concrete slab. The staircases were renewed, a lift was installed in the main building and the extension was realised with new reinforced concrete ceilings. The respective balconies were constructed with cantilevered reinforced concrete slabs and thus without supports. The existing vaults were underpinned with steel girders and thus remained intact.

BP Leonhardstraße 71
General designer:
Baumeister Leitner Planung & Bauaufsicht GmbH
Structural designer:
convex ZT GmbH
Key data:
1.800 m² useful area
June 2019

N. Nais