A narrow steel path spanning 74 m connects the district Augarten with Gries. Two fish-bellied girders span between the tree-embanked shores of the Mur River. The bow-shaped design of the upper belt accompanies pedestrians and cyclists whilst they cross the Mur.

In many respects the Augarten footbridge is an innovation in bridge construction. Similar to the principle of sailing masts, which can absorb the greatest possible loads with ropes of minimal diameter, under and over-tension of the main carriers enable small profile dimensions. The primary construction consists of rolled and welded steel profiles, pipes and rods. To support the tension loads, the rods needed welding by special methods, which took a full man-day per seam. The load bearing construction was delivered in four pieces and assembled on land. Then the system was pre-tensioned and transported on a specially designed transport system to the Mur River by remote control. After placing it onto the concrete foundation, the roadway slabs made of wood plates covered with mastic asphalt were installed.


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Stadt Graz, Straßen und Brückenbauamt
DI Arch. Herwig Illmaier
74 m
Track width:
4,5 m
Construction costs:
€ 0,95 mill.
Planning period:
July 1997 - January 1998

A. Wagner