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The combined cycle power plant Ankara generates 770 MW of electricity with two GE gas turbines (each 235 MW), a CMI boiler and an ALSTOM steam turbine (300 MW). The power plant is located in Malıköy, 40 km from Ankara and supplies around 3.7 million citizens of Ankara and its surroundings with electricity. The power plant is operated by Baymina Enerji A.S., owned to 95% by Suez-Tractebel S.A. from Belgium.

convex were responsible for the technical and programme coordination and civil design on behalf of VA TECH Hydro (for Coteba-Ast GmbH), as well as various civil design activities, including the check of the steam turbine foundation. Because of the very short erection time of two years, 978 civil design documents required drafting, verification and acceptance within eight months. By effective co-ordination of the civil design with the requirements of the system engineers, a low revision rate of only 2.7 revisions per drawing could be achieved.

Suez-Tractebel S.A., Belgium
General contractor:
VA TECH Hydro, Austria
Structural steel:
1.184 to
25.000 m3
2.500 to
Overall costs:
€ 465 mill.
Construction costs:
€ 21 mill.
September 2003

T. Uzunoglu