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The combined cycle power plant Deir-Ali generates 800 MW of electricity with two SIEMENS gas turbines (each 250 MW), two CMI boilers and one SIEMENS steam turbine (300 MW). The environmentally friendly power plant is erected 35 km south of Damascus. It consists of three parts: the “main plant area” with all buildings required for electricity generation, the “housing complex” with appartment houses for the future plant personel and the “raw water system” with it’s well beeing approx. 20 km away from site and with the pipeline, that transports the required water to the plant.

Members of convex ZT GmbH work within the team of SPGA GmbH concerning the technical and programme co-ordination and supervision of the civil design. The works are being performed both in the SPGA Head Office in Vienna and on the construction site in Damascus.

PEEGT, Syria
General contractor:
Structural steel:
2.400 to
64.700 m³
Reinforcing steel:
5.520 to
September 2008

Visualisation and photos: